Amie Miriello Meets Her Idol Fiona Apple

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@amiemiriello) on Monday (January 12), discussing her chance encounter with on a flight to Los Angeles. The Stamford, Connecticut singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m getting on the plane to head to LA….In front of me online is this thin and oddly dressed woman who clearly looks like she’s trying not to be looked at. I think nothing of it at first, but as I’m walking on the plane I see her go to her seat in first class. At that point I wonder who it is and happen to catch her profile while walking by. It’s fu**ing Fiona Apple!!! She is by far one of the most amazing singer/songwriters to ever grace this planet. I literally had to force myself to my seat and sit on the plane for 5 hours knowing that my idol was just a few feet away. I sat next to a nice man, but all I could concentrate on was Fiona and whether or not I was going to be dorky enough to talk to her. Knowing her music so well and reading a lot about her… I kinda knew she’s not the type to want to be noticed or bothered at that… so I felt very nervous and intimidated. When the plane landed I prayed to see her at baggage claim and thankfully I did. Her eyes were crystal blue and of course she was beautiful. I decided that I couldn’t let her leave without at least saying something. When I approached her she looked very timid and all I said was “I don’t want to bother you at all… but I just want you to know that I think you’re an incredible inspiration and I couldn’t not say something. You’re one of my all time favorites and I hope you have a great night.” She smiled and was so nice to me. I went to get my bag and literally had tears welling up in my eyes. When I was leaving she looked at me, smiled and waved goodbye. It was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.

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