Amy Macdonald Gets A Miniature Schnauzer Named Arnie

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Wednesday (May 6), talking about a new pet in the family and slowly songwriting. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

I am so happy right now because we have a new addition to our little family. A little puppy called Arnie ;-) He’s a miniature schnauzer, just like wee Jackson was. Its so nice as he as a lot of similar traits too. I absolutely adore him. We’ve nicknamed him chubbs as he absolutely loves his food ;-)

My mum, dad and sister got one too. They have Arnie’s little brother. They are so cute together and just run about like nutters. Our other dog, harry, is still a wee bit wary of them but he’s been amazing. Been giving him lots of love so he doesn’t feel neglected.

I’m already so attached to him, don’t like leaving him in a room when I’m not there. He’s sleeping beside me on the couch right now.

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