Amy Macdonald Looks Forward To A Christmas Break

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Wednesday (November 12), while in Basel, Switzerland. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

I am back to work. I have had some time at home recently, mainly because I was suffering from a few nasty illnesses :-( Trust me you don’t want me to go into it. I’m still feeling pretty fragile and definitely looking forward to Christmas to get a nice break but right now we have a few gigs and promo commitments to get done this month so we’re all back at it again.

I’ve now sold 1.75 million albums! which is absolutely astonishing! It’s still rising constantly and now I have the deluxe album out people are all buying that too! To think around this time last year I had gone platinum (300,000) how much difference a year makes!!

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