Amy Macdonald Overruled Editing Her Own Wikipedia Page

Amy Macdonald

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Saturday (February 7), discussing her failed effort to make edits to her Wikipedia entry. The Scottish singer/songwriter tells readers:

So, I get sent emails giving me updates on every chart position and album sales throughout the world.

I look on something like Wikipedia, and see that there are so many mistakes on there. Now it’s quite special to me getting a number 1 single and album and some chart positions that people have entered on Wikipedia take my number 1’s away from me.

So I decided I would correct the page and enter the right positions. It helps me for the information on there to be correct as a lot of people who interview me use this site as their reference.

However every time I try to change anything, it get’s changed back by people who then get so annoyed at me and tell me I’m wrong.

I know this is such a random blog but I find it hilarious. I was actually sitting laughing to myself when I got a message telling me I was wrong and with no references I had no right to change any information.

Surely I am reference enough hahahaha

Anyway I’ve tried and failed to put the right information on this website, so take anything on it with a huge pinch of salt :-)


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One thought on “Amy Macdonald Overruled Editing Her Own Wikipedia Page

  1. Tracy Bobbitt says:

    Wikipedia is a joke! They let so called “editors,” who often have no idea what they’re doing, delete entries, alter them, ect. For many years Wikipedia listed my company Crib Rock as being owned by Kourtney Kardashian. Then IMDB picked up the bad info. It spread from there. Hideous. Finally got it corrected but when I tried to submit Crib Rock (an internationally available kids line) to Wikipedia under products some mental patient, an old guy editor from Russia kept deleting it. So Frustrating.

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