Amy Macdonald: Simon Cowell Has No Interest In Music, His Interest Is Money

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@maritlarsen) on Saturday (March 21), talking about touring in support of her debut album ‘This Is the Life’ is wrapping up and she’s now set to begin work on a second album. She also sounded off on reality singing competitions, blasting ‘American Idol’ and ‘X Factor’ judge Simon Cowell. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

Everyone at my label [Vertigo Records] is great and I understand how lucky I am to have complete creative control with such a huge company.

There’s obviously been stories in the press recently about people that don’t have that control and it makes me realize what a horrible business this can be. I find it truly shocking that a young boy can have all his dreams come true and then have them taken away so quickly. I hate everything that these reality programs stand for and I find them completely cruel and humiliating.
Simon Cowell has no interest in music, his interest is money.
Obviously there are a lot of talented people that come from these shows and I’m not disputing that. I just wish there was a better way for them to get noticed. I don’t see what’s entertaining about a middle aged man upsetting some young girl or boy with scathing remarks about their singing.

I’m sorry about my ranting I just get so annoyed by certain things and I just can’t help it!

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