An Intimate Moment With John Mayer & Jessica Simpson

and John Mayer’s relationship was spoofed last night on ‘Saturday Night Live’, where the pair shared a tender, vapid moment. The clip begins with some awkward silence, followed by small talk, John producing his patented o-face playing guitar, then Jessica riffing before they finally get the idea to have sex. Watch it below.

His And Her Rolex’s For John Mayer &

March 20, 2007 – Star magazine reports made a visit to the Wanna Buy a Watch store in West Hollywood on Friday (March 16), where Jessica Simpson’s man reportedly bought his and hers vintage Rolex watches. “He talked about Jessica the whole time he was here,” a store staffer blabbed.

John Mayer Talks With Nine’s ‘Today’

March 12, 2007 Nine’s ‘Today’ entertainment correspondent Richard Wilkins caught up with John Mayer to chat about his career, current album ‘Continuum’, life in the spotlight, the Grammy’s and his upcoming Australian tour. Video of the interview, aired Monday (March 12), have since been removed at

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