Anastacia Astonished By Fan’s Participation In 15% Charity Auction

posted another update on her official web site regarding her clothing auctions on eBay, where only 15% of the proceeds goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The singer hasn’t identified where the remaining 85% of the auction earnings will go. “Hi, Everyone, Here we are, back at another Thursday.,” the breast cancer survivor writes. “The last two auctions have been so great to watch. You astonish me with your willingness to participate with such a great cause. Friday is upon us and I just wanted to ask for your continued support. I will be putting my famous glasses in the mix over the next couple of weeks and then bringing back some items that did not sell, in hopes that you will bid on them again, not to mention tons of new items. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous support!”

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