Anastacia’s Dressing Room Tour

Anastacia shows off the food in her dressing room including Doritos Dippas showed off the food she had in her dressing room in Madrid, Spain in a video on her YouTube channel, with the singer highlighting her rider requests and favorite items – diet Coca-Cola with no caffeine and Doritos, preferably the cheesy flavor but Dippas in this case.

She writes, “I wanted to share a video of a typical dressing room that I go to at the many performances I do and all the goodies that I often show up and find!”

Showing the caffeine free Coca Cola she requested, Anastacia says in the video, “Even in Spain, we have the Coca Light, but see that sin cafeína, which means no caffeine. I request it on every rider. This is my Dom Perignon. This is my Jack Daniels. So when everybody else requests all the alcohol, I may just request wine whenever they need it, but really, truly this is all I really care about.”

Watch the video below.

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