Andy Brown Discusses Avenue’s Nickelodeon Taping & More

Andy Brown of checked in with fans on the British boy band’s MySpace (@avenuegroup) on Wednesday (August 13), talking some of their recent promotional appearances. Brown writes:

Well we’ve just finished filming at Nickelodeon, which is the first bit of TV we’ve done so far so we were really excited, although because it was live we had to make sure we didn’t fall of our chairs or anything like that! It was a dead good laugh and we were really happy that we were able to sing live too because that’s really important to us. We’re off to do an interview with the Sun now.

The Lincoln gig last night was amazing, we met Kelly Osbourne and Nick Grimshaw and a load of other people from Radio 1. We went down really well, everyone seemed to love us so hopefully we made a few new fans! We’d have loved to have done some signings but there just wasn’t chance so we handed out a load of signed postcards to people at the front and they were fighting for them and grabbing our hands! It’s great when the crowd is really enthusiastic, it makes you feel dead good and really up for it when you’re performing.

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