Andy Bull Blogs About Michael Jackson’s Death, Joe’s Reaction

Andy Bull before a torn backdrop

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@andybull) on Wednesday (July 1), talking about the death of and the aftermath from the family, notably his father Joe, and the media. The Australian singer songwriter tells readers:

Now that Michael has died, the swarms are left to pick over his carrion. The wreckage of his once enviable life seems to me like a giant junkyard. The Black Entertainment Awards was distinguished by appearing to say a few words, representing a family that were “too upset” to appear themselves. Since then we’ve seen footage, pictures and quotes of Michael’s father looking not like a man broken by the loss of a son, but like a business man who’s business deal has just fallen through. A mild disappointment, rather than a tragic grief, is about all we get from Jackson Snr. His words of mourning seem rather hollow… compounded by the product spruiking epilogue of his official statement, that went along the lines of “in conclusion, the next product I want to show you is this terrific blue-ray disc player”. It becomes pretty clear that Mr Jackson Snr was the ultimate stage parent, a salesman who ultimately sold out his own children. Michael Jackson, like a whatever the hell Joe is selling now, was pimped from the beginning, and, like a girl who’s only ever felt good when people tell her she’s pretty, Michael relied completely on that song and dance for any sense of worth or connection. It filled the place, rather poorly, of real familial relationships (particularly paternal)…

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