Andy Bull Sees Album Release Delay As An Opportunity

Andy Bull

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@andybull) on Wednesday (February 4), talking about his frustrations getting his album released. The Sydney, Australia singer songwriter tells readers:

After the surprising attention paid to ‘Small Town Girl’, I was due to release another single before last year ended…. but you know, this being the real world, and plans meaning not much more than a pocketful of dust out here, things got waylaid with a couple of tours, and some other stuff that resulted, essentially, in me running out of time to properly release something before the Christmas period (a time new comers like me don’t dare venture outside…. Christmas releases, summer tours, and festivals full of the big names makes it hard to compete for attention… which I can understand; I wanted to see Ryan Adams, Neil Young, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, TV on the Radio… but I had gigs on most of these nights and couldn’t get to any of them).

So after that delay, I grew very impatient… I stamped my foot and told the people I work with “Look, if my singles and album is going to keep being delayed and put back like this, then I want to record more music in the meantime”; I didn’t want to have an album made up of songs recorded a over a year beforehand when so much has gone on in the year since. So that’s basically we’re I’m at. I’m writing the next single (or rewriting to be precise, after some thoughtful revision of the song and what it was I am trying to say with it exactly) and finishing a couple of other recordings that I want to get up to scratch to go on the album. If all goes to plan, three or four of the songs on the album will have been written in the last few months.

I’m not gonna kid you, since there’s nothing to gain; its been hard work. I’ve been sitting on these songs, champing at the damn bit to put it out for all to hear so that I can’t keep pushing forward. I’ve been trying to see this delay as an opportunity; one last chance to say something good, to make something that bit more accomplished, to go on this, my first album. The first one seems like such a big deal…. like such a big step… only because a) it’s my first full presentation to the world and b) it’s taken many years to get to this point.

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