Andy Roddick And Mandy Moore On Dating Rumors

Andy Roddick tells Us Weekly that reports he’s an item with Mandy Moore are untrue. “We are just friends,” he said. Asked why Mandy and her mother were at the U.S. Open to watch a match, he said, “Her mother is a big fan.” For her part, Mandy responded to a posting on her message board yesterday asking if she was “screwing Andy Roddick” saying, “You guys are too much.”

Mandy Moore Is Keeping Busy

September 1, 2002 – Mandy sent a new message out to fans earlier today on one of her official message boards. Mandy said, “Ok, ok, I know… I’m the worst! Things have literally been uber-crazy…. but I know that’s no excuse. ‘How to Deal’ ended about 2 weeks ago and since then, I have been recording, filming a video, and traveling. Although I am back in LA now, relaxing and prepping for my move to Vancouver to being ‘Saved’, things just haven’t seemed to stop. lol!!! So many exciting things are happening… including: buying a new home here in LA. Too wierd. I was just in NYC for a few days and actually shot the cover of Elle Girl with Ms. Kelly — it was great to hang with her for a bit. Britney Spears and Shakira were in the same photo studio and Kelly and I worked up the guts to go over and say hello — too funny. Besides that, nothing much is going on…. I will continue to keep you guys in the loop though. Take care and be well.”

Mandy Moore And Other Female Celebs Love Soy Candles

September 1, 2002 – Kelly Carter of The Vancouver Province chatted with Mandy about soybean wax candles, which are environmentally correct and have great scents. “I have started using soy candles because they burn clean and last much longer,” says Mandy Moore, who along with Allison Janney, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba and Tiffani Thiessen is a fan of candles from Ooohlala of Beverly Hills. “The lavender and herbs scent is delicious,” Moore says. “I always take it with me on the road.”

Mandy Moore Loved Filming In Wilmington

August 23, 2002 – Mandy and her pal Angie posted a response to a fan wondering if the singer liked being in Wilmington, North Carolina when you were doing ‘A Walk to Remember’. Mandy responded to Angie’s message about the town saying, “I absolutely adore Wilmington. What a picture perfect location to shoot a film! I would love to buy a house there one day. I miss it. Angie — we had a blast, right? Ahhhh memories.”

Mandy Moore Is Afraid Of The Dark

August 23, 2002 – WENN reports Mandy has revealed the reason she still lives with her parents, whom she shares a Los Angeles condominium with along with her two brothers, is partially because of her fear of darkness. “I love living at home. My dad is still protective of his little girl, but my mom and I have become good friends,” Mandy revealed. “I tell her things about boys and life that I haven’t even told some of my girlfriends. And besides, I can’t live by myself. I’m too scared of the dark. I even have a Jesus night-light from Urban Outfitters that I keep on at night. All my friends make fun of it, but I think it’s pretty darn cute.”

Mandy Message Board Returns

August 20, 2002 – After being hit by a disgruntled poster, the Mandy Moore forum was brought offline by Ross (aka. TheCh4D), and today has returned. Wade writes, “A combination of skillz, coolnessism, a manipulative mind frame, and possibly perfect timing on Ross’ part to ‘frame’ someone (that I believe he didn’t even know he was doing) lead to a misjudged, rude, and cruel post accusing a member who, by the help of countless people, was pretty much framed. I have personally expressed my deepest regrets and sorrow to this member and this post was only posted for a period of less than fifteen minutes.” Meanwhile, now that the forum has returned, bills50000 has requested that Mandy set him up on a date with Kelly Osbourne, only days after he gave a cucumber to Vanessa Carlton backstage at a recent concert in New York.

Buddyhead Comments On Mandy Moore & X-Tina

August 17, 2002 – Amongst the updates on the Tuesday update:

“Mandy Moore is the teenage Kathy Lee Gifford and deserves to die a horrible death. Now. Please.”

“Christina Aguilera, just bought a new house in the ‘inland empire’ where her and her di**pig posse do speed all day, everyday.”

“Spiderman knobbed Christina Aguilera.”

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