Andy Roddick Talks About Mandy Moore Romance

Star magazine spoke with Andy Roddick about his developing relationship with Mandy Moore, whom he met in Toronto while Mandy was filming ‘How To Deal’. Roddick said, “I went on a movie set and met her.” Andy says he hasn’t had good luck in relationships to this point. “I’ve been dumped more than I’ve been the dumper,” he admits. The two see each other as much as possible, with Andy’s publicist saying the couple spend “as much time together as they can.”

Says Don’t Take Her Mean Comment To Heart

November 10, 2002 – In a conversation in the new ElleGirl magazine, Mandy and shared a story about flirting, where Kelly recalled, “Yeah, and my friend-who’s really hot-was hitting on you. he goes, ‘You look bored’ and you go, ‘Yeah, I’m really bored. Bored of talking to you!'” Some fans thought it was a mean remark, and Mandy explained to Kelly, “I mean, if you are going to flirt with someone, you shouldn’t say, ‘You look bored.’ So I just shot it right back at him.” So is Mandy a meanie? She told fans on her official forum, “Of course this was going to be turned in to something it shouldn’t have been. The whole article is us having fun and being goofs. Don’t take anything to heart… Cause I sure didn’t lol.”

Mandy Moore’s ‘Bowling For Columbine’ Post Pulled?

November 9, 2002 – Earlier this month Mandy apparently posted a message to fans about the controversial Michael Moore film ‘Bowling for Columbine’. The film which takes a critical look at right wing gun activists is a hit with those who want stricter gun control, but perhaps Sony Music thought the subject was too weighty for Mandy to comment on or to recommend the film, as the post appears to have been pulled (it shows up under a search under Messages to Fans, but gives a 404 error when clicked). If anyone is aware what Mandy posted about the film, please post a comment. The movie’s official website includes four clips from the film, including the extremely funny ‘A Brief History Of America’ — check that out at

Shops The Clearance Racks Too

November 8, 2002 – Mandy was quizzed by a fan on her official website whether she’s ever bought items off the clearance rack while shopping. Mandy admitted, “Who doesn’t buy from the sale/clearance rack? You gotta hunt for a bargain. Plus my parents are after me about my shopping habits. Uh oh… Ooops.”

Mandy Checks Out Hometown NBA Rival, But Had Fun

November 8, 2002 – Mandy Moore recently checked out a Miami Heat NBA game and a fan on her official forum wondered if she was turning her back on her hometown Orlando Magic. “Hey, I was in town and wanted to watch a Heat game,” Mandy explained. “We managed to score some great seats and I didn’t wanna pass that up. It wasn’t as fun as a Magic game, but I still enjoyed myself.”

Mandy Moore Sings Praises For ‘Saved’ Co-Stars

November 8, 2002 – Mandy was asked by a fan on her official forum how she liked working with Macaulay Culkin, Jena Malone, and Heather Matarazzo on the film ‘Saved’. Mandy said, “All three of the mentioned are some of my favorite people ever. They are beyond talented and professional and I would make another film with in a heartbeat.”

Seventeen Says Mandy Moore Is Dating Andy Reddish

November 8, 2002 – Mandy responded to the scan of her article in Seventeen magazine that referred multiple times to her boyfriend as tennis star Andy Reddish, instead of his real name, Andy Roddick. Mandy said, “This is the biggest ‘wtf’ ever! Where do they get this stuff? Hehe. Although, Andy and I can’t stop laughing about it.”

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