Angela Via Fans Take Action

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Fans of Angela Via, the singer of the 2000 hit “Picture Perfect,” are taking action against Atlantic Records, the singer’s former label.

Via’s album was due to be released on June 6, 2000. Then Atlantic Records pushed back the album four times, until September 26, 2000. Then the album was put on hold until the “summer of 2001.”

However, the album was still not released. By that time, Via had recorded a dozen new songs to be placed on a “second version” of her debut set. The music video for the first single, “Girl Playa No. 1,” was scheduled for a July filming date. The video was also going to feature cameos by *NSYNC stars Lance Bass and Joey Fatone. There was one requirement: Atlantic wanted Via to go “the sexy route,” so that she could “‘WOW’ MTV.” Via was placed on an 18 hour/day hiking and training schedule; then she rejected their offer. The video was cancelled, as were the plans for the album’s release.

Now fans of the 21-year-old singer/songwriter/producer are taking action against the label. In an angry petition written by the webmaster of Via’s official fansite, fans are demanding that the album is released soon, “with strong support from the label,” or “[they] will boycott all Atlantic releases.”

You can sign the petition (note: it has since been removed).

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One thought on “Angela Via Fans Take Action

  1. ashley guilford says:

    If anyone can actually send her a real message it would be very appreciated. I found her on a sight called sound exchange. She is on the unregistered list meaning that they do owe her money. She should contact them and see what it is all about. There was a PSA on the radio about a company called sound exchange that owed artists money and I found her name and googled her. Thanks again for helping out the artists.

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