Anjulie Makes The Record She’s Always Wanted To Make

Anjulie 'Brand New Bitch'

spoke with AOL Music about her new single ‘Brand New Bitch’, influences, being of Indian descent, teaming with Doctor Rosen Rosen on ‘Sex-Ed’, her upcoming record and how her sound has matured since releasing the dance hit ‘Boom’ in 2009.

“I wrote my first record mostly on guitar in my hometown,” the Oakville, Ontario native explained. “It was an amazing learning experience, because I really dug in on the songwriting side and made a retro-sounding record completely isolated from what was going on in the world. This record started when I moved to L.A. I was really inspired by what was going on here sonically and decided to make the record I’ve always wanted to make. I started working with DJs and producers and experimenting with how to put my vibe over those beats.”

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