Anna Kournikova To Appear Nude In June Penthouse

The New York Daily News reports is set to be fuming after Anna Kournikova was snapped by a paparazzo using a long distance lens. It is unclear at this point whether Enrique was snapped in the shots as well.

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4 thoughts on “Anna Kournikova To Appear Nude In June Penthouse

  1. alwaysbsb says:

    I’m glad this was corrected! It first said both Anna AND Enrique would be in the magazine nude!

  2. MusicMan says:

    yeah it was late when I read it… when they said both would be upset I got confused. Besides, if they have pictures of both, they’ll more likely publish those in a separate issue of Playgirl :-)

  3. Fan says:

    She looks great and happy. Sold out? Good for her.

  4. hank says:

    hmmm. I don’t ever remember seeing these pictures. I’ll have to go look them up. anna kournikova is hot

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