Anna Nicole Smith Preps Album

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After seeing a complete career turn around, Anna Nicole Smith is back in full force to make sure her career doesn’t slump again. In addition to being TrimSpa’s spokesperson, filming new specials for E!, and making a cameo in the upcoming, ‘Be Cool,’ Anna is recording an album. The star revealed it will be mostly cover songs including, ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,’ and she is hoping to do a cover of, ‘Material Girl.’ Anna said that she plans to have the album out in time for summer, May being the earliest, August the latest. Anna has made a foray into singing one time before with a cover of the song, ‘My Heart Belongs To Daddy.’ It ended up flopping, but the newly svelte star said she is planning on re-recording it and updating it. It is rumored that Lil Jon & will appear on the project.

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2 thoughts on “Anna Nicole Smith Preps Album

  1. cao says:

    I would like to found the TV series that she did on DVD anyone know if they are still around???

  2. pl says:

    Did this recording ever make it out? Did she ever complete it??

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