Anna Nicole Smith Rages Against Jessica Simpson

Anna Nicole Smith fumes in her National Enquirer column about , after the ‘Newlyweds’ star apparently didn’t want to be compared to the former Playmate. “I heard that Jessica Simpson is running her mouth again about not wanting to be compared to me. Well I’ve got news for you, honey – the feeling is mutual,” Smith writes. “Let’s see how you react when the media turns on you – and they will! You’ll be lucky if they compare you to Pam Anderson? Oh, and what’s this about you supposedly having an IQ of 160? Please! You should take an IQ test on live TV.”

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5 thoughts on “Anna Nicole Smith Rages Against Jessica Simpson

  1. galleta says:

    Jessica’s camp is saying she has an IQ of 160?

  2. popfan_23 says:

    Just because she plays naive, and that dumb blonde role, doesn’t mean she is really that way, people need to get a clue

  3. EvanescenceSucks says:

    160? Give me a break. Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160. She may be faking how stupid she is, but consider this– Jessica admits in interviews that “reading is boring” and she only reads “the parts Nick highlights.” Does that sound like somebody with the brainpower of Einstein? Even if she’s a genius, she’s definitely not using her intelligence for anything other than manipulating people, and in my opinion wasting a genius IQ is even worse than being born dumb.

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    yeah they should, but Jessica is the one that needs to show people that’, ‘Because for some reason she always gives off that dumb blonde persona, so you can’t really get mad that people are going to assume that she is, they are just judging based on how she acts. I wish she would stop and show that she’s like an intelligent women. There’s nothing wrong with her acting goofy and naive, but nobody is going to believe that she’s just acting let alone that she’s smart if she keeps on doing it.

    Okay I know that Jessica is not as dumb as she acts, but really, I honestly find it hard to believe that she has an IQ of 160. And even if she does she sure isn’t showing it. I mean it’s one thing to act or play dumb and silly sometimes, but c’mon, there is no excuse for somebody who supposedly has a 160 IQ to manipulate her intelligence majority of the time just for the sake of making people think she’s dumb. If Einstein did such a thing his whole life then jeez, what a waste of an incredible mind that would be. Maybe she should seriously take an IQ test on TV lol, so that way people would actually believe it instead of just hearing it from her rep.

  5. malibu says:

    I totally agree with all the comments. I remember jessica once said something along the lines of ‘acting like a dumb blonde was how she got her attention from guys’…..well I’m sorry I doubt my iq is even close to 160, and myself, along with any woman with half a brain would realize that the only way to get positive attention from a man is to have confidence, a sense of self, an opinion, etc, etc acting like a dumb blonde just proves that your looks are your only positive quality to offer someone.

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