Annie Apologizes For Cancelling London Show

apologized to fans on her blog at MySpace on Thursday (July 10) after cancelling her Wonky Pop performance tonight at Cargo in London. “Woke up this morning… still feeling ill,” she writes. “Oh nooo…..really boring. Went to my doctor,and she told me I have a throat infection, and littlebit of fever… Sickness is a fact. So some bad news..I had to cancel the show Thursday at Cargo/London. Really really sad about this. I was looking so much forward to play there. But I’ve almost lost my voice, so what can I do!! I’m so sorry about this… hopefully I’ll get much better.. and maybe never sick again… x my fingers!!! So for you that was gonne come and see me play… I feel very bad… but I promise to be back soon… all fresh n new:-)”

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