Annie Checks In After Wonderful Weekend Gigs

checked in with fans on her official web site blog at on Monday ( 13), discussing some gigs she had over the weekend. The Norwegian pop singer writes:

Listening to Taana Gardener, eating some peanut butter and working like mad, sounds like a mess.. haha, yes it is, but that’s a typical Monday morning, or more like it.. afternoon!!

Had 2 really wonderful gigs this weekend. Played at ‘Watergate’ In Kreutzberg, Berlin this Thursday/Friday morning. Christabelle and Lindstrøm and Mungolian Jetset was playing live too. Never seen Mungolian J. before. I liked them.

I haven’t been djing in Berlin since the Spex party in May, so it was really really fun to do a gig here. The venue wasn’t that big, but it was packed with people and a good soundsystem, that made it even better. has since shut down.

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