Annie Checks In After Wonderful Weekend Gigs

checked in with fans on her official web site blog at on Monday (September 13), discussing some gigs she had over the weekend. The Norwegian pop singer writes:

Listening to Taana Gardener, eating some peanut butter and working like mad, sounds like a mess.. haha, yes it is, but that’s a typical Monday morning, or more like it.. afternoon!!

Had 2 really wonderful gigs this weekend. Played at ‘Watergate’ In Kreutzberg, Berlin this Thursday/Friday morning. Christabelle and Lindstrøm and Mungolian Jetset was playing live too. Never seen Mungolian J. before. I liked them.

I haven’t been djing in Berlin since the Spex party in May, so it was really really fun to do a gig here. The venue wasn’t that big, but it was packed with people and a good soundsystem, that made it even better. has since shut down.

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