Annie Lennox: I Am Not ‘Anti Israeli’

Lennox updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Tuesday (January 6), offering a follow-up to her feelings on Israel’s invasion of Gaza, where she had indicated a giant step backwards was taken towards a peaceful resolution. The singer told readers:

I have made my position very clear. I do not believe that there is a military solution to the situation in Gaza. I support peaceful conflict resolution, and dialogue, which HAS to take place inevitably in order to resolve the situation in any case. I do not believe that the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians will solve anything. It will only make things worse for everyone, on BOTH sides. I am posting a video from the head of the UN Relief and Works Agency in Gaza, who is saying EXACTLY what I have said consistently.

There has to be an absolute cease fire as soon as possible. The reason why I spoke out when I did was because at that point in time there was a tiny window of opportunity to prevent a blood bath on both sides BEFORE the ground troops went in. I have NEVER condoned suicide bombings, or the firing of missiles into Israel. I repeat…The slaughter of innocent lives on BOTH sides is abhorrent.

I am not “anti Israeli”, nor have I EVER been, and for anyone to say that I am is profoundly offensive and completely wrong.


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5 thoughts on “Annie Lennox: I Am Not ‘Anti Israeli’

  1. Elad Shalev says:

    The so called UN Relief and Works are giving shelter to Hamas terrorists, they are shooting from their schools, relief for whom??!! Surely not for the Palestinians who where taken as hostages by Hamas. Don’t believe all you see in t.v and definitely not to a so called human aid organization which gives shelter to killers. Our army will never bomb a school or a mosque without having a firm information about the people who in it, we are not Nazis and want no genocide like the media shows it. We kill the people who are trying to kill us in the “name of god” which in this case are the Hamas terrorists. Did you know for example that Hamas will not acknowledge Israel and the right of the Jewish people to live?? change your sources and you will be amazed to see who is really running the UN Relief and Works in Gaza.

  2. christian says:


    the compere said before you appeared on stage…WE ALL SUPPORT HAMAS… You seemed quite content to continue supporting the cause.
    Anyway people like yourself should refrain from politics. You are supposed to be an entertainer…why upset some of your fans. by showing your hatred for Israel ?

  3. Edward Aronow says:

    Your position is entirely one sided, and incredibly naive. What was Israel supposed to do to stop the unprovoked rocket attacks from across the border? Israel has reacted with remarkable restraint and efforts to preserve human life.

    Stick to entertaining–you actually seem to know something about that.

  4. Toby says:

    She claims not to be Anti-Israel and yes she only feels the need to become vocal on the subject when Israel takes action to defend itself. When she sees Children’s programs on PA TV teaching children that Jews are pigs and apes and should be killed, she is silent. When Hamas tells the world that it wants to commit genocide on the Jews and replace Israel with an Islamic state, she is silent. When Hamas fires thousands of rockets into Israel ,she is silent.
    Her claim that she is not anti-Israel is profoundly offensive and completely wrong

  5. richard says:

    You SHOULD be anti-Israeli, Annie. Every person of conscience today is anti-Israeli. They are a completely Nazified society—a racist garbage dump and disgrace to ALL Jews of character. Their contribution to Jewish culture is ZERO.

    As the great Jewish writer Philip Roth said of the Israelis:


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