Annie Lennox Never Felt Like She Fit In

Out Magazine spoke with Lennox about her new greatest hits compilation ‘The Collection’, as well as the singer’s connection to many gay men and women. “Although I’m heterosexual, I’ve always identified with that story of coming out, because part of my process was coming out to myself,” Lennox explained. “It’s hard to explain, but it was about learning that I was an artist and that it was fine to be creative. I’d always been threatened, like ‘If you don’t stick at school, you’ll end up in factory,’ and it was very fear-based — a feeling that maybe there was something untoward about you, something not quite right. So I never felt I fitted in anywhere, and I still don’t. There’s no complaint, but it’s part of the story — always looking for the tribe, never finding it.”

The article and video at has since been removed.

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