Annie Lennox Performs ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ At Sports Relief

Annie Lennox checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Saturday (March 20), discussing her participation in Friday night’s ‘Sports Relief’ charity event. The singer writes:

My name is Annie, and I am a piano clutz… That’s the reason why I practiced and practiced all day yesterday, before performing ‘Bridge Over troubled Water’ on Sports Relief. I love playing piano, and I love singing, but put the two things together…and I become… potentially .. well… a “clutz”.
My piano teacher…back in the day.. once told me that I’d be the laughing stock of Aberdeen, as a kind of “boot up the ass to” get me to practice the pieces I was supposed to perform at a music festival.

Good intentions… but the scary imprint has lasted for 48 years, which means that I kind of freeze, or blank out.. sporadically, when I have to sing and play simultaneously.. Which is the reason why I have little crib notes conveniently stashed in hidden places, like safety parachutes.

Live performances broadcast to millions can be a little stressing if you let the fear get to ya… so I’ve trained myself to be as Buddha cool as I can muster.
Anyhow… I’m glad to say that last night’s performance went swimmingly, and I even got A STANDING OVATION!!!… Three cherries folks!!!

PS..Stay tuned to find out how much Sports Relief raised last night…!!!!!

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One thought on “Annie Lennox Performs ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ At Sports Relief

  1. Jarlath Hollywood says:

    Absolutely outstanding,you blew me away.I knew that you were good but that was unreal.

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