Annie Lennox: The Citizens Of Gaza Are Completely Imprisoned

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Sunday (January 11), offering a follow-up to her prior blogs on Israel’s invasion of Gaza. The Eurythmics singer tells readers:

As each day goes by while the death toll in Gaza rises, hopes for lasting peace seem to diminish. A third of the fatalities ( currently over 800) are children. The UN resolution for cease fire was vetoed by the US, which rendered it useless. How many more innocent civilians have to die before the carnage stops?

The citizens of Gaza are completely imprisoned. There is NO safe place for them to go, so when they are showered with leaflets sent from the planes, warning them to avoid likely targets, what are they supposed to do?? They are being relentlessly bombarded from the skies, from the sea, and on the ground. Mosques, schools, universities…homes. Gaza is a nightmarish death trap.

There is little water, the sanitation has broken down, the hospitals are overflowing with casualties, with people dying in the corridors. Doctors are working 24 hours are day, with no proper medical supplies, and regular power cuts. People cannot get access to food or basic requirements. The international humanitarian organizations are struggling to assist, but the three hour slots allotted to them are barely workable, and they risk their lives trying to gain access. Several aid workers have been killed.

This military bombardment will never bring about a peaceful resolution for either side in this man made catastrophe.

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