Annie Lennox Weighs In On Election & Recession

Annie Lennox updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Monday (October 13), weighing in on the current global credit crisis and November’s U.S. elections. The singer writes:

Well..the recent “western” world economic events have left everyone with that feeling of queasy uncertainty… coupled with the countdown to the US elections, these are wobbly times on this side of the bed indeed. I’m not a US citizen, but I can tell you that people are watching this campaign with baited breath all around the world. I’ve said my piece about Sarah Palin.. no need to repeat. America is a divided country… those who “get” the bigger picture, and those who don’t. Those who get suckered in by a neat hairstyle and a folksy wink, and those who realize that you have to have a bit more “substance” to be a world leader… Or do you??? It’s down to the citizens to make the choice.. This is where democracy gets scary, because the “majority” don’t always know what’s best.

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One thought on “Annie Lennox Weighs In On Election & Recession

  1. CD Prytula says:

    I dig you and hope your message rebounds around the globe. I believe that Obama is what we need to be in sync with the peaceful world. It does exist! Even for this gay grandpa and his husband!
    Peace and Love
    Papa Nick

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