Annie MySpace Blog On UK Radio Tour

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@anniemusic) on Sunday (June 22) with an update on her radio tour. The Norwegian pop singer writes, “We started off in London, drove to Cardiff…and then to Birmingham, Leeds, Yorkshire, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh. There was some other places too that I don’t remember at the moment. Was on the road for 5 days. Not sure how many radio interviews I’ve done, but must have been at least 35++… Also did some phoners with NME and several others. Feels a bit strange and funny to drive around. Sitting in a car, listening to the nu Cut Copy album, then out of the car… and talk about yourself for 10-15min… then back on the road again. Weird feeling but great that there actually is so much interest… makes me really happy!!!!!!”

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