Another Chaotic For Britney Spears?

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I just wanted to say something about a tabloid that said that is planning to make a “Chaotic” on her childbirth. What I say about this is that it’s completely wrong, and just downright ridiculous!

First of all, what happened to Britney saying that she doesn’t like the paparazzi to invade her privacy? Sure, she NEVER said that she doesn’t want to share her private moment with her fans, but shouldn’t she realize by now that unless she sells her private moments on a DVD so that way only fans and fans alone would buy it, that the whole world will know about it, and invade her privacy more? For some of you fans that actually believe that Britney enjoys her privacy, WAKE UP. How many celebrities who complain about their privacy being invaded resorts to taping themselves and revealing it on national television? Is that really a solution? No, it’s not, some of you fans need to realize that the only reason why Britney doesn’t like the media invading her privacy and taking pictures of her is because she DOES NOT GET PAID for it, and because they represent her in a bad light.

Why do you think she had a whole freaking TV show about her private life? 1) so that way she can make people believe that her and Kevin are completely in love and that everything has always been fine (with no mention of Shar or her kids at all…), and 2) so she can get money out of it. Believe me, if Britney earned money for the pictures that the paparazzi took of her, she would not be complaining about them. Britney cares diddly squat about her privacy, because if she did, she would simply not reveal her private life period. Fans don’t need to know it, only she and her family should know it. But obviously she don’t care that much about her privacy if she’s going to share it to the world. Now she’s thinking of doing a Chaotic show on her childbirth.

To you Britney fans, wake up and realize that she does not give a rat’s butt about her privacy, because if she did, she would realize that she should only tape her private moments for her and her family, not for fans and the whole world to see, it’s that simple, there’s no other way around it.

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5 thoughts on “Another Chaotic For Britney Spears?

  1. hooker says:

    She’s not my idol, to be honest. Who cares? She’s no difference, the rest of female stars, who gain fame and fortune, of, showing deeper skin. I don’t like. I adore the music more of Lean Rimes and Dido, at least, their a bit modest, on their music videos if I’m not mistaken, but, at least it sell. These are the kind of female musicians I admire more, honest to God. Cristina A., J-ho, Lindsay, I find her she has split personality because she’s one of the closest friends of slutty Paris H., Britney, and others, they’re all the same, in my opinion, to be honest, seriously speaking, please. Thank you!

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    summed up…. As long as she makes the money, then she’s fine with it. If she really cared about her privacy, she’d NEVER do half the ***** she’s done…

    unfortunately, I have to sit through a LeAnn Rimes show this week….’, ‘She’s opening for Rascal Flatts, and I REALLY wanna see their headlining show. I’m not a fan of hers because since she has been known, she’s been a self centered brat who isn’t really that talented. She’s got bad technique, but she picks some real kick ass songs!!! Faith Hill is my ultimate idol!!! She’s sexy, smart, talented…..I’m looking so forward to her new album!!

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    Um, Okay…’, ‘Why does there always need to be an essay following an article that was posted? I mean seriously, I know you are entitled to your own opinion, but did you really need to write an essay on this subject? You could have said the same thing in the same forum in much fewer words, spending this much time and effort on it is just ridiculous.

  4. RobScott says:

    This proves exactly what I was saying yesterday: The people keeping Britney popular are the people who supposedly hate her. Her fans, myself included, don’t have much to talk about because Britney’s chilling right now and so are we. Luckily, Britney’s haters are obsessed with her moreso than her fans are and are keeping her in the headlines and giving her endless amounts of publicity. So thanks!

  5. shunny says:

    i can’t say I blame her. if you’re gonna make money off a picture of me who wouldn’t want to make a cut?its a picture of me and my business it may affect my family, my career, what people think of me. the press is making money off the picture or the story why shouldn’t she?

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