Anson Mount Say Justin Was A Good Guy About Kissing Scenes

Rebecca Murray of Romantic Movies spoke with Anson Mount about ‘Crossroads’ and how *NSYNC’s reacted to Mount’s kissing scenes with Timberlake’s girlfriend Britney Spears. Mount said, “I’ve met Justin a couple of times. He’s a good guy, and a good sport about the whole thing.” Murray also spoke with Taryn Manning, Justin Long, Melissa Joan Hart, Jon Voight, and others at the premiere. Check out all the conversations mainly focusing on Spears here.

Has Lunch Date With Mystery Woman Monday

February 14, 2002 – Splash had photos of Justin in West Hollywood, with a mystery brunette, who he met her for a lunch date. Justin is shown embracing the woman while a bodyguard looks on. Justin later attended the premiere of Britney Spears’ film ‘Crossroads’. The images have since been removed.

Britney Stammers On Sex Conversations With Justin

February 14, 2002 – Nekesa Mumbi Moody of The Associated Press reports had a hard time answering questions on whether she and Justin Timberlake’s plans on having sex. Britney said, “I mean, I would love to try and do that… I would really like that. But when that day comes, and maybe that happens, I’m just gonna be … or, starting now, I’m going, like, that’s a personal question!” Read more.

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