Anthony Fedorov Says Simon’s Cruel Criticism Was Helpful

Corey Moss of MTV News caught up with ousted ‘American Idol’ finalist for a Q&A, and asked about how his relationship was with Simon Cowell, who had been particularly harsh judging the 20-year-old’s singing. “I have a lot of respect for Simon,” Fedorov said. “The way his personality is on the show is pretty brilliant. Everybody looks at him as this menace, but in reality, if you take what he’s saying in the right way and if you filter out all the silly comments he makes and focus on the meaning of the comments, that can help you out a lot. I have tough skin because of that, and I’m thankful for that. It’s been an experience being judged by him, and I hope I can work with him in the future.” Check out the transcript here.

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