Anyone Care About The MUSIC?!

OK, I would like to state that the point of this article is NOT to start a fight over record sales, airplay or ‘flops’, this is meant to be a discussion of MUSIC! See if you can actually discuss the music without slipping to sales/lack of sales to back up your argument or sabotage someone else’s.

If you are a or Madonna fan then it is highly likely that you have a point of view on everything about them and the other one, from performances to looks to sales, but, Madge & Mimi fans:

What is your favourite album and/or song from Mariah if you are a Mariah fan or Madonna if you are a Madonna fan?

I know that it’s not exactly ‘news’ and sounds a bit childish, but the sad fact is – it WOULD be news if Mariah and Madonna fans stopped arguing and actually started to discuss the music, and lets see how long it is before everyone regresses to BSB vs. N*sync-style fights. And if anyone out there actually agrees it would be interesting to hear what everyone’s favourites are – not biggest or worst selling!

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