Aqualung’s ‘Remember Us’ Featured On Thursday’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Matt Hales of Aqualung

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@aqualung) on Monday (March 29), discussing news that his song with Sara Bareilles, ‘Remember Us’, will be featured on Thursday’s episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Matt Hales writes:

Right. So. This coming Thursday (not to be confused with Coming Thursday which is something quite different) April 1st one of my new songs will be on Grey’s Anatomy (airing on ABC at 9PM ET). The song is called Remember Us and is one of my favorites. It’s heavy and sad and fond and sadder still because of how much fondness there is. My friend the lovely and very talented Ms is singing with me and it all came out so very well that I sometimes forget it’s me and get all caught up and teary.

So please watch and listen and I hope you like it.

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