Are The VMAs Fixed And Predetermined?

Well after last night is it even worth asking? Look at the nominations list… and look at who showed up to perform and present. The similarities are amazing. I believe the only act that showed up that was on the nomination list and didn’t present an award and/or perform was Black Eyed Peas. No Aerosmith, no Eminem, no Lenny, no Madonna… you get the drift.

And just how are the Video Music Award winners determined? Other than Viewer’s Choice Award, which mysteriously had leading *NSYNC up until the last minute, there are no rules ever disclosed for the event. Who votes? What are the voter’s qualifications?

To continue on the subject of Viewer’s Choice, with the no doubt millions of votes coming in during the period people could vote, common sense would dictate that the voting spread wouldn’t really change much. I’ve run plenty of polls on… the voting doesn’t swing wildly like this, and the pool is much smaller in that case.

It would make sense that MTV would show Backstreet in an early lead to generate more voting traffic from the guys who in reality were winning the entire way, *NSYNC. Still, the opportunity for AJ to give a sappy acceptance speech after winning had to be figured into the equation thus a fix to the actual voting loser was a option on MTV’s part. But in the end, they opened the show, couldn’t be at the awards, and gave the alcohol battle speech anyways.

Bottom line, the Video Music Awards are a pat on the back for artists who agree to show up, who invariably plug their sh**, and act surprised when they win. This is why the VMAs will never be on the level of the Grammys.

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