Ariel & Alexandria Moore ‘Stronger’

Former Clique Girl has teamed up with her kid sister Alexandria on the new song ‘Stronger’, posted at the family’s YouTube channel. But for those thinking they’ll emulate Ariel’s ex-bandmates Destinee and Paris Monroe, they state, “(For the record) As much as the girls loved making this song together, in no way does this mean that they will become a group. For now they both like being solo!” Listen to the song below.

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4 thoughts on “Ariel & Alexandria Moore ‘Stronger’

  1. yulissa says:

    you girls are my biggest fan Alexandria and Ariel Moore you rock that song together sister to sister I love both of you girls

  2. david says:

    WOW that was amazing love it! so talented!

  3. Gianna Patrignani says:

    Hi Ariel and Alexandra its Gianna Patrignani you girls sound great miss ya Gianna

  4. Emma says:

    omg I love Ariel she is so awesome!

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