Artist On Artist: Mark Ronson & Samantha Ronson

Taking a break from promoting his own hit album ‘Versions’, red-hot producer Mark Ronson sat down at Winstons in Los Angeles with his DJ sister in their first on-camera interview, exclusively for MySpace’s Artist On Artist. Mark admitted to calling Samantha and twin sister Charlotte the Muppets and was insanely jealous when they were born, wishing someone would take them away. Samantha got her start DJ’ing when clubs called and Mark wasn’t available telling them to have Samantha do it instead. Ronson then talked about DJ’ing at the Sweet 16 party for Stevie Wonder’s daughter, where the music legend began to sing along to his classic ‘Superstition’ when she put the record on. They wrapped up the clip by talking about MySpace. Video at MySpace can be viewed below.

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