As Offers Dry Up, Lindsay Lohan Has Cash Fears

In Touch magazine hears is in a panic over concerns about money. “Lindsay has had a reality check – she’s not getting offers like she used to,” a source in the film industry said. “She’s definitely thinking she needs a big blockbuster just so she can go back to living comfortably.” Much of that money has gone to rehab and hotel stays.

Lindsay Lohan Adopts Kylie Minogue & Rihanna Sound On New LP

As Lindsay Lohan continues work on her third album, the 21-year-old tells People magazine she’s been inspired by the music of Kylie Minogue and Rihanna. “I want it to be dance,” she explained. “I want it to be kind of Kylie Minogue-meets-Rihanna. I hope to tour with it and I hope to really promote it.” One fane of her new material is her mother Dina. “I’ve heard a couple of tracks,” she said. “They were amazing!” Read more.

Lindsay Lohan Offers Advice For Little Sister Ali

As Lindsay Lohan’s 14-year-old sister enters the world of entertainment with the E! reality show ‘Living Lohan’, Ali Lohan spoke with OK! magazine about the advice she’s received from Lindsay. “She just told me to basically stay strong,” Ali told the magazine. “Don’t let the [people] tear you apart over what’s said and be sure to keep your head up high and everything, and do what you’re there to do, do what you want to do. Do your singing and everything – don’t let anyone bring you down.” Read more.

Los Angeles Cracking Down On Pesky Paparazzi

CBS News reports sheriff’s deputies arrested four photographers in two separate incidents in the past week as the paparazzi waited for Britney Spears at a salon and Lindsay Lohan outside a club. L.A. sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said that the move is after the public’s request to stop the photographer madness. “Basically, what were getting are calls of complaints, people that have to swerve their vehicles, people that are out for a simple with their dog, that they can’t navigate the sidewalk because there’s 50-60 people, they have cameras. They’re moving about, they’re jostling,” Whitmore explained.’s Harvey Levin admitted two of their snappers were among the ones arrested and, “We were told by someone in the sheriff’s department that this was by way of example – they wanted to teach people a lesson.” Read more.

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