Asa The Comic Defends The Jonas Brothers’ Purity Rings

Asa The Comic is sounding off after Russell Brand taunted the up at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards last weekend because the sibling pop trio wears purity rings.

“I understand that some teen celebs are like I’m wearing a purity ring, but it’s a publicity stunt, but I don’t think these boys are faking about this,” Asa argued. “I really don’t. So to hit them up? Purity rings stand for three things, faith, patience and purity. Russell Brand what does your hairstyle stand for, punk puke and nasty?”

“Now this purity ring promise thing is not for everyone,” Asa added. “But if people decide to do this, Russell Brand, who are you to criticize and judge them?” Watch the message via YouTube below.

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