Ashanti To Duet With Justin Timberlake reports Ashanti has recruited star to duet with her on her upcoming sophomore album. “Justin has taken an interest in Ashanti,” says a close friend of the singer. “He was planning to release his duet with Mariah Carey but Jive will not let up. The track with him and Christina may also never see the light of day. Ashanti, on the other hand, is said to be in place.” The entire report at has since been removed.

Mariah Carey Not Good Enough For Justin Timberlake?

April 16, 2003 – Contributed anonymously: reports that according to Kyle & Jackie O, hosts of the Countdown – Australia’s most popular and influential radio program, Justin “doesn’t want to be associated” with Mariah, and that is why he personally will not allow the release of “Yours”. Not only that, but he said that Mariah is “uncool” and she “desperately” wants the duet released to regain her lost popularity.

Britney, Mariah, Justin — Stick To Your Day Job

April 15, 2003 – Jephreda Hudson of the USA Vanguard weighed in on artists making the leap into acting, taking shots at Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and star Justin Timberlake. “What causes me to scratch my head in wonder is the person who saw Mariah Carey in ‘Glitter’ and allowed her make another movie,” Hudson argued. “I’m not the biggest fan of Carey’s music but I don’t think anyone would argue with me about her need to stick to her high-pitched, arm-flailing screeching.” Hudson added, “I have not seen ‘Crossroads’ (and I’m dying to do so) but from what I’ve heard from some very reliable sources, Britney Spears did not give what would be considered an outstanding performance. Not even my boy, Justin Timberlake, is excused. I have seen a few things he’s been in, including a made-for-TV Disney movie and his acting was so stiff, I was embarrassed for him.”

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