Ashlee Simpson, Kelly Clarkson Perform At Orange Bowl Halftime

and performed during the Orange Bowl Halftime Show on Tuesday (January 4) in Miami, Florida. Check out pictures from GettyImages and WireImage.

Kelly Clarkson Still Top ‘American Idol’

January 9, 2005 – Jason Johnson of The Plainview Daily Herald reviewed Kelly’s latest album ‘Breakaway’, giving it an impressive 8 out of 10 rating. Johnson writes, “Kelly has enjoyed much greater success than ‘American Idol’ winners that have come after her such as Ruben Studdard and Fantasia Barrino, and there’s a good reason for it. This girl’s voice is powerful and one that commands you to pay attention to it.” The story at has since been removed.

Ashlee Simpson Ponders Breast Enlargement

January 9, 2005 – A source tells In Touch magazine that Ashlee Simpson is considering getting breast implants. The singer is reportedly tempted by the idea of enhancing her curves, perhaps after listening to her father Joe gloat about Jessica’s “double D’s!” The source explained, “She wants to sex up her image and go from rocker to bombshell babe.”

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9 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson, Kelly Clarkson Perform At Orange Bowl Halftime

  1. bluerose88 says:

    I feel bad for Ashlee but then again she needs to work on her voice

  2. pdisfullofidiots says:

    ugh, that made me curious, so I went to look.’, ‘i kind of wish I didn’t because she’s so f**king ugly, but I’m glad I did, because look at her face. it must have been after she got booed. haha, death to the cameraman who cut away during the booing!

    I just took some pepto bismol and looked at the rest of the pics instead of just the first three. and hahaha! she took her ear pieces out during her “performance”. even SHE didn’t want to hear herself! but maybe she should’ve left them in.

  3. anti_social66 says:

    I really love Kelly clarkson, I love her performance but I hated it when her microphone went out. Kelly is one of the few that actually have talent in today’s music scene. Ashlee is pathetic already. I fell into the whole act and always stuck up for her but she is just sooooooooo stupiddddddddd… Why would anyone lipsync on live tv. at least have the courage to sing live to thousands of people. and I thought she learned her lesson from the SNL accident. I guess wrong, she is still lipsyncing and she will always lipsync!

  4. jennifernix77 says:

    Kelly was great even with her dysfunctional mic. Ashlee stunk it up big time. I want to defend her–I liked her show on MTV and I have her CD and really like the songs, but she is just trying too hard!!! I don’t care what kind of sound/earphone malfunctions there were. When you go to a high school chorus show there are lots of people who sound ten times better than her. I’m disappointed. I don’t want to just get on this message board and diss her, but she needs to really step it up to recover from this one!

  5. pdisfullofidiots says:

    I don’t care what kind of sound/earphone malfunctions there were. is that seriously the excuse they’re using now? because I haven’t heard anything about it yet. but that’s rich. and for some reason, when I saw her ear pieces out of her ear, I thought to myself “she’s gonna use that as her excuse I bet, like o-town did when they sucked for their first ever performance.” she heard how bad she sounded, and took them out so she didn’t have to listen to herself and to set it up for her excuse. although joe probably prepped her to do something like ahead of time just in case, because I don’t think either girl is smart enough to come up with that on her own. poor Ashlee, she’s really jinxed when it comes to her equipment huh? it must be all us “jealous Ashlee haters” rigging it on her, huh Ashlee fans?

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    Um, okay? Jessica is not a Pam Anderson, I don’t understand why her father is bragging about them. And as for Ashlee wanting to change her image with just the implants, well, that’s her choice, but I think that would lead to more bashing on her part. She’s a pretty girl anyway, why sex up her image by looking fake?

  7. alm81 says:

    Whatever happened to women being happy with their breast size? She’s not flat by any means, so why on earth would she even think about getting implants?? I honestly don’t get why women think they’re more beautiful when the have implants. They don’t fool anyone. Everyone knows they have them.

  8. Diamond_Queen_Japonica_8 says:

    “She wants to sex up her image and go from rocker to bombshell babe.” Well, considering implants ensures that she’s halfway there to achieve that all she has to do is to think about dying her hair blonde…oh, but wait, she doesn’t want to have the same image as her older sister! Oh boy, Ashlee is in a huge rut now…to dye or not to dye?

    I don’t think women have ever been happy with their breast size…lol.’, ‘But seriously, I believe women don’t look more beautiful with bigger boobs..they look the same..but with bigger boobs..And they would look trashy if they flaunted their new fake cleavage.

  9. manwithaplan94 says:

    Whatever floats her boat its her body she has the right to do or not do whatever she wants to do with it but personally I don’t think she’s unattractive now. I thought of her as more of an Avril and Amy Lee type you know not giving a dam what people think but like most celebs and non celebs I see she wants to be sexier for people. I hope she does consider that a lot of people are gonna bash her even more if she does change her appearance and that you are never going to please all the people all the time and that her true beauty is within.

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