Ashlee Simpson And Ryan Cabrera Break It Off Again

According to Star magazine, Ashlee Simpson’s on/off romance with appears to be off for good. “Ashlee was upset about seeing a photo of Ryan hanging out with a group of really cute, sexy girls,” an insider says about the latest breakup,” a source revealed. “One of the girls was especially gorgeous and had her hand on his butt and a really desirous look on her face — she looked like she was ready to bed Ryan on the spot. When Ashlee saw that, she just freaked out. Ryan’s attitude was, ‘Come on, Ash, you know how it is.’ But Ashlee wouldn’t budge and Ryan finally said, ‘That’s it. Let’s let this go.’They both just hung up the phone and called it quits.”

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3 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson And Ryan Cabrera Break It Off Again

  1. ihatehilarythemostofall says:

    she’s just jealous because she’s ugly. is she gonna get mad every time he looks at any girl that isn’t her? Because EVERY girl is cuter and sexier than she is. she can’t hate the whole world!

  2. RyansBabi3Doll says:

    She is just mad because she has NO hot guys hanging out with her !! The only CUTE GUY she was hanging out with was RYAN CABRERA but now she has NONE because she dumped the HOTTEST guy ever that she dated

  3. francy says:

    You are ugly not her!i bet you are fat and ugly for tell all this ***** about everybody you are so f***ing mean because you look like a ***** that never go out and spend all day at home by your self and said ***** about the famous girl!such a loser!

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