Ashlee Simpson Appears On The Late Late Show

Ashlee Simpson was a guest on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Friday night to talk about her role on ‘7th Heaven’, her sister Jessica Simpson and her ditzy behavior on ‘Newlyweds’, and her own upcoming MTV reality show and debut solo album. Read on for a rough transcript.

Craig: Next guest, beautiful actress and singer which appears next week on the WB’s top-rated show “7th Heaven.”

Craig: Please welcome Ashlee Simpson.


Ashlee: I’m so excited to be here. This is my first talk show ever.

Craig: You say you’re excited. Some girls are nervous. You are enjoying the moment. Take it all in.

Ashlee: I was back there. Ok. Here it goes. I’m just kidding.

Craig: That’s funny. Now you are the younger sister of Jessica but how many years?

Ashlee: She’s 23. You’re 19. She has her —

Craig: You just got your own show?

Ashlee: Yes. I am so excited. I just got my own reality show. So I’m real excited. It’s about making my album and doing hen heaven and all that kind of stuff.

Craig: When did you get the big show?

Ashlee: Well I shot the pilot for it. It was when I side my record deal. Then it got picked up. Now they’re with me all the time.

Craig: Is it annoying?

Ashlee: No, I couldn’t of like it. The crew is like really cool. If they were not cool I would be like, go away. It’s fun.

Craig: Our crew is cool. They come home with me but no one cares about my home because — my life because it’s boring.

Ashlee: Jessica is quite funny. Craig did you say, why did you say that, Jessica?

Ashlee: It is the funniest show ever. The comments that she makes —

Craig: Yeah, tell me about those.

Ashlee: Everybody makes comments about that.

Craig: Ok.

Ashlee: Now we have this new thing, oh, we did a Jessica. So next time you make a stupid comment what are you going to say?

Craig: I am going t say, oops, I did a Jessica. It’s nice that she says those. It’s cute and funny. But you’re saying they’re dumb, they’re stupid comments?

Ashlee: Yeah. They’re stupid comments. I make stupid comments.

Craig: Yeah?

Ashlee: Yeah.

Craig: If you saw a chicken of the sea can — what did you think of that?

Ashlee: I thought that was pretty bad. It was quite great. Now it’s on like every cover of the magazine. She’s funny.

Craig: She’s definitely funny. Yeah.

Ashlee: The coolest thing about her is when you can take herself lightly. My mom raised us to say, yeah, whatever. You burp in front of them to get comfortable.

Craig: Absolutely. Why stop there. Why not do more. And you both — you crew up with her. We you both making those fun little comments growing up or did she make more of them?

Ashlee: She made more of them. She’s always got something interesting and funny to say.

Craig: Did you do well in school?

Ashlee: I finished high school in 16.

Craig: What about Jessica?

Ashlee: Yes, she did finish.


Craig: Recently or —

Ashlee: Oh, shut up. She finished when she was 18.

Craig: Ok. Now what — tell me about your singing career. How long has that been going on?

Ashlee: I have been working on my album for a while. I just signed three months ago. I have been working on my album for probably like a year now.

Craig: Yeah.

Ashlee: And right now for the past three months we have been getting really, really serious about it. It’s sort of liked developed into this cool sound because I like punk music and rock music.

Craig: So that’s the kind of music we are going to hear?

Ashlee: Yes. I love punk so it’s influenced by that I’ve always been the kind of out there child.

Craig: So you’re the wild one?

Ashlee: I have always — I have always liked the shock value. I went to ballet school when I was 11 years old. My parents came to get me and I had bright orange hair and piercings down. They were all fake. I wanted my parents to freak and they did.

Craig: So you’re the wild one of the two. Do you write the music or
do you guys write them for you?

Ashlee: I write them.

Craig: What are some of the titles?

Ashlee: I have a song called “sold me out.” Just all the people that have sold me out in my life. And “hurt for you” and “fly away.” It’s been a therapeutic. I know I am 19 years old.

Craig: You graduated when you were 16. You had three years of ooh.

Ashlee: I grew up with my sister. All the time I was writing. Now I am getting album — every time I get mad at my boyfriend I get to say, you sold me out.

Craig: Do you have a couple that sold you out?

Ashlee: I had a couple. I always dated the meanest guys.

Craig: Where do you do that?

Ashlee: I don’t know.

Craig: You like bad boys.

Ashlee: My current guy is a singer.

Craig: Do you know him?

Ashlee: No. He’s cute.

Craig: That’s always important. You got to be cute. Weren’t you a big fan of Mark McGrath?

Ashlee: Yes. I have the most embarrassing story to tell you.

Craig: I’m ready.

Ashlee: We were doing the pro bowl. It was Jessica and Sugar Ray. My grandma, I was standing with her. Mark McGrath is so cute. She grabs my hand and she runs me over there.

Craig: Your grandma —

Ashlee: My granddaughter thinks you’re so cute. Will you take a picture with her? I was like, nana. My face was bright red. Then, actually, I met Stan through Mark —

Craig: Who is that?

Ashlee: He’s the drummer in the band. I have a crush on Mark.

Craig: You just met him and that left after a wheel. There was no big deal.

Ashlee: I think he was a little — you were —

Craig: Then the show on MTV is the development of this album?

Ashlee: Yes. It goes through the whole process of me actually getting signed. There’s moments of us being in the studio and laughing. Then I’m by myself and sort of going through something. It’s I think it will be inspiring.

Craig: Do you have to say, kind of ditsy things on your show? Or not?

Ashlee: Oh, no, not at all.

Craig: What will you say to get excited about?

Ashlee: I want people to say the actual process of an album and how much work goes into it.

Craig: Right.

Ashlee: And all that kind of stuff. It is not about the funny comments. It is sort of more about music. I am obsessed with so many music artists.

Craig: Who do you like?

Ashlee: I love The Beetles.

Craig: I heard of them.

Ashlee: My parents like never listened to oldies music. So I listened to the oldies radio station.

Craig: What did they listen to?

Ashlee: Christian music. Michael W. Smith.

Craig: You went punk on them.

Ashlee: I know. I needed to be the hard ass.

Craig: You rebelled. I want you to come back and sing next time.

Ashlee: I know, dude, I can’t wait.

Craig: Ok. “7th heaven” Mondays on WB. Nice to meet you.

Ashlee: Nice to meet you, too.

Craig: Big hand for Ashlee Simpson.

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5 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson Appears On The Late Late Show

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    This girl is annoying, Can she even sing?

  2. Jaggie says:

    I bet she can’t even sing. it always happens–celebrities’ siblings tag along into the business and are mediocre at best. Britney got famous and then came Jamie Spears, Nick is successful with the BSB, and then Aaron and Leslie and Angel Carter tried and are trying to follow (the latter three all suck),and whole scores of others. Nepotism in the entertainment industry should be outlawed!

  3. PandaBear2003 says:

    Well Ashlee can act, Jessica CANNOT. Ashlee can dance (she even went to some dance academy school that only a SMALL amount get accepted into) Jessica CANNOT. So my guess is, Ashlee CAN SING BETTER than Jessica, because to me Jessica CANNOT.

  4. Kizzardkid says:

    Yeah Jessica can’t really sing, she tries too hard.

  5. jessfan says:

    Actually, she’s already appeared on a Christmas album and the Freaky Friday soundtrack. The girl can sing but she has a different style than Jessica. She is nothing like her sister. She signed with a different label, Geffen records. She is putting out a different style of music. Don’t judge her before you see what she can do.

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