Ashlee Simpson Bonds With Band After ‘SNL’ II

Ashlee Simpson caught heat not only for her lip-synching on ‘Saturday Night Live’ last year, but for blaming her band afterwards. This time, the singer insisted her bandmates all share her dressing room before the ‘SNL’ performance on October 8th. “They locked everyone else out,” a source revealed. “She went out of her way to hug the band afterward.” Simpson also treated the band to a post-show dinner.

Ashlee Simpson Snaps Back At ‘SNL’ Critics

Ashlee Simpson spoke with The New York Daily News about her critics following her 2004 ‘Saturday Night Live’ singing debacle: “It was so weird. I have awesome fans, and the people who were not nice to me after that ‘SNL’ thing were, like, old men. They don’t listen to my music anyway, so it’s like, leave me alone! We were in the middle of a war, and America took a 20-year-old girl and went crazy about that, ripping her apart. It was sad and embarrassing about America.”

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4 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson Bonds With Band After ‘SNL’ II

  1. Shanice says:

    What a desperate slut! Of course she would do this since she blamed them the last time. If I were her members I would have exposed the slut for the talentless whore that she is. The world would be a better place if they would just sterilize everyone with the last name Simpson.

  2. cubasterd says:

    omg! like, old men were making me cry! “”” It was sad and embarrassing about America.” “””” No, that’s what Americans do. We use television so we can somewhat escape tragedies. You , my fake buddy, are just a walking joke. We watched how they made you on MTV, we knew your live singing voice sounds like crap, we knew you were only famous because you are young, white, and rich…. and we knew all of this BEFORE you made an ass out of yourself on SNL.

  3. RPL10991 says:

    no talent slut! Those old men and your 10 year old fans are the only people who don’t think you suck!!!! Your latest time on SNL sucked too, you cannot sing.

  4. jeepgrrl says:

    SHE is what is embarrassing and sad about America’, ‘This country continually rewards people with money, fame, and acclaim that they did not win on actual merit, but through the smoke and mirrors of publicists and managers who know how to work the media…like the boob who wrote that article and the idiot at Blender that actually says her music is “fantastic.” Sad, sad, sad.

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