Ashlee Simpson Can Belch Her ABCs

The New York Post spoke with at the ‘Autobiography’ release bash at PM last week, where she revealed her burping talents. “When I burp the alphabet, my favorite letter is G. It is an open consonant and it is at the beginning when my wind is strong. I can really push it,” she said. “My worst letter is S. It is a closed consonant and at the end when I am out of wind.” also is a noted talent in the belching department. “Jessica burps the alphabet better than me,” Ashlee conceded. “She has better wind and she is a much louder belcher.”

Ashlee Simpson Still Learning To Self-Censor On TV

Ashlee Simpson appeared on ‘Good Day Live’ and when they showed a picture of her from her first concert at the Knitting Factory, Ashlee commented, “Look at me, I am sweating and sh**!” Then she started laughing and said, “Oops, I am sorry.” Fortunately, it was bleeped out.

Simpson & Friends Make A Big Freakin Deal In Seattle

Contributed anonymously:

On Saturday (July 24), Christina Millian, Kimberley Locke, Mis-Teeq, JoJo, Kevin Lyttle, Bowling for Soup, Ryan Cabrera, Ashlee and all rocked the White River Ampitheatre in Auburn, Washington for Kiss 106.1’s BFD 5. The concert was amazing when newcomer Ryan Cabrera and Ashlee Simpson did there sets. Then everyone was brought to aww by Jessica’s ‘Reality Tour’ set and performance, she commanded the stage and made it very personal for all of us up front and in the whole venue. Check out pictures from

Ashlee Simpson Signs Autographs In Chicago Area

A fan on posted his experience meeting Ashlee Simpson at the Wal-Mart in Rolling Meadows, Illinois on Thursday, where the singer made an album signing appearance sponsored by Chicago’s WKSC. DiRrTy_sLaVe_4U writes, “As we walked out, it hit us…we just met Ashlee Simpson! In all honesty, I did not think we would get teeny-bopper-ish, but we totally did. She was just so sweet and took her time with every person.” Check out photos from another fan here.

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6 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson Can Belch Her ABCs

  1. Rosi says:

    Since the interviewers didn’t have any pressing questions about her new album, they opted to move on to the burping part of the interview – which apparently was decidedly more interesting.

  2. FashionPrincess says:

    I like Christina Milian,she is going out with Lil’ John.’, ‘Anyways the rest of them aren’t realy that great,to me. I like Ashley Simpson’s music.The rest of them aren’t realy talented or famous.On the whole fame thing you know what’s cool Britney has a special on E! right now from 2:00-4:00 while she has a special on MTV from 2:00-3:00. She has two specials on two major networks on at the same time!That is fame!She definitely pulls in the ratings because neither if the specials are really that new. Except for live from Miami which is where MTV is having the VMA’S.I hope Christina Milian, Ashley Simpson, and Britney win awards!Also maybe Usher,John Mayer and Justin because they are realy cute!

  3. JnChrisFan1 says:

    To the point these artists aren’t all that big, but who the f**k cares. It pisses me off that you act like they can’t even play or something because they are not on Britney’s level. And did anywhere in this post does it say anything about Britney. Britney is way overexposed so no one really gives a sh*t anymore. Britney at one point was not big at all singing in malls and sh*t, but she worked and now she’s big. These kids are now taking there shot and who knows one day they may have 2 specials about them at the same time. I mean give them a break and get off of Britney’s boobs.

  4. galleta says:

    Boy are they working overtime to make her the complete opposite of her sister lol, yet she still is just as silly.

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    She’s kind of stupid. And her “Shadow” act is really not helping her cause. You’d’, ‘think by a certain age she’d get over it. Even though you could see how her parents favor Jess, which I don’t understand why. Maybe Ashlee’s just a real b1tch. I’ve only seen her in person 1 time, and she was with some boy all over him, acting like total trash, so maybe that’s why.

  6. trluk says:

    400,000 sales in first week is impressive. I don’t think she should bother censoring herself because then it wouldn’t be reality. I curse all the time its part of who I am and generally people that don’t like it are not the kinda people that interest me.

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