Ashlee Simpson Confronts Avril Lavigne Over ‘SNL’ Remarks

World Entertainment News Network reports that says she confronted about comments she read where the Canadian singer criticized her infamous lip-synching moment on ‘Saturday Night Live’. “I won’t say anything bad about anyone, even if they talk about me,” Simpson said. “I hung out with Avril once and I said to her, ‘Hey, I heard that you said some things,’ and she was like, ‘Sorry,’ and that was cool. I’m not in high school and I don’t need drama.”

Chats With 92.9 FM In Perth

July 15, 2005 – Avril spoke with 92.9 FM in Perth, Australia after arriving in the city. She talked about eating healthy, refusing to eat even a jelly bean offered by the DJ, where she stores all the awards she’s won, not wanting to sing during interviews, not warming up for shows, her cooking abilities, passing the hit ‘Breakaway’ to Kelly Clarkson, no regrets on missing out on high school, the best advice she’s received, the worst part of fame – lack of privacy, and she wrapped up by refusing to name a celeb she’d like to kick off the planet. has since removed the audio.

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7 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson Confronts Avril Lavigne Over ‘SNL’ Remarks

  1. ihatehilary says:

    I thought they were friends?? oh well, they’re both posers, so neither of them can talk. and ashlee really can’t talk when she has acid reflux. she probably had someone else say that to avril for her while she moved her lips and did a jig. ooh, sorry ashlee. are we cool now too?? the real question though is, when will they start hanging out with Lindsay and hilary?? I think it’s time all these girls kissed and made up and became best friends forever! and when I say kiss and make up, I mean kiss and make up. just for astrange1. see astrange1? we’re cool too. we don’t need the drama.

  2. Clara106 says:

    if she doesn’t need the drama then why did she mention anything to avril about her comments? everyone is entitled to their opinion and having negative feedback is apart of being famous. she acts like she’s “not in high school” anymore but, confronting someone over an honest critique seemed like she was just begging for some unnecessary drama.

  3. galleta says:


  4. Cabati says:

    Yeah, but knowing Avril, I’m sure it wasn’t exactly constructive criticism. She’s only human, you know. I really can’t stand Ashlee, but I don’t understand why people think that just because someone’s a celebrity and it’s “part of the job” to be criticized that they’re magically immune to it. She addressed Avril’s comments, accepted the apology, and moved on. I think that’s exactly how she should’ve handled it.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    Um, okay. You don’t need to be in highschool to have drama in your life, it was just one’s opinion, and Avril wasn’t the only one that commented negatively about the incident.

  6. Babar says:

    I can’t imagine Avril saying Sorry. And Ashlee, however unfortunate the incident was (unfortunate coz a certain favorite of mine lip synches 99% of the time!) Ashlee deserved everything that was thrown at her, mostly due to her own lies. She should just have laughed and told the truth: I cant sing people

  7. Corey Groves says:

    I just wanted to say that if Avril Lavigne can’ t say anything nice about anybody else, then she shouldn’t say anything at all. Ashlee Simpson has never said anything bad about Avril at all, all she said about Avril was that it’s a compliment to be compared to her because she finds her as very talented as a music artist. I’m so glad that Ashlee confronted Avril about what she said about her by saying that she doesn’t deserve to be up there on stage if she is lip-syncing because she only lip-synced once due to her acid reflux. Ashlee writes her own songs, just like Avril does. I prefer Ashlee’s music over Avril’s music because Ashlee’s lyrics are real and honest. Ashlee deserves some respect because she isn’t rude to the paparazzi like Avril is. Ashlee doesn’t claim to be something she’s not, but Avril claimed to be a, “rock chick” and a, “skater chick” who sings and writes rock music. They are both pop music artists who sings and writes pop music. End of story.

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