Ashlee Simpson Coy About Rumored Pregnancy On ‘Today’

Ashlee Simpson visited the ‘Today’ show on Friday (April 18), where the singer talked about her engagement to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, stating, “I feel like a very lucky lady.” As for the rumors she’s pregnant, “Only time will tell with that.” As for the title of her new album being ‘Bittersweet World’, Simpson said, “It’s kind of a tongue-in-cheek thing. With the good comes the bad.” Ashlee performed ‘Little Miss Obsessive’ and ‘Pieces of Me’. Watch the interview and ‘Pieces of Me’ performance below.

Leno On Britney Spears’ Accident, Ashlee Simpson Rumored Pregnancy

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “Britney Spears got into a minor car accident on the 101 freeway. Now, her people are worried all these sleazeballs will be coming out of the woodwork to try to collect a check. You know, like, the last time that happened, she married one of them. Remember? … And her mom told Britney, always have clean underwear in case of an accident. Luckily, Britney keeps a pair in the glove compartment. She can put those on.”

Jay also joked about rumors Ashlee Simpson’s engagement to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz was prompted by a pregnancy. “Rumor going around that Ashlee Simpson is pregnant,” Jay told the audience. “I don’t know if you heard that rumor or not. The good news, though, even though she’ll be a stay at home mom her prerecorded voice will still be going out on tour.”

Us: Ashlee Simpson Is Pregnant

A source confirmed to that Ashlee Simpson is pregnant with her first child, less than a week after the singer announced she and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz were engaged. “We are thrilled to confirm their engagement and congratulate this happy couple,” a spokesperson for the couple told the magazine. “Beyond that there is nothing to say.”

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