Ashlee Simpson Discusses Candie’s Shoot

Us Weekly spoke with Ashlee Simpson after her Candie’s photo shoot, where she was joined by mother Tina and boyfriend Ryan Cabrera. “[Ryan] flew in today to be with me,” Simpson said. As for mom? “My mom is here making sure I don’t do anything risque,” Ashlee explained. “I always loved the Jenny McCarthy ad where she’s on the toilet!”

Ashlee Simpson Drinks Underage With Mom’s Apparent Approval

The New York Daily News reports Ashlee Simpson was drinking alcohol at Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Must List’ party Thursday night at Crobar, despite being under age. In fact, after she said she was drinking “pineapple and cranberry”, her mother Tina jumped in with: “And vodka, too. don’t forget the vodka.” They add Nick Lachey got the evil eye from mother-in-law Tina after chatting up a striking blonde who was not his wife Jessica Simpson.

Ashlee Simpson Laughs Off Nick Carter Gossip

USA Today caught up with Ashlee Simpson to talk about her new MTV reality show ‘The Ashlee Simpson Show’ as well as reports that had her dating star Nick Carter. “No! That is SO random. When I heard that, I was dying laughing,” she said. “I’m actually not dating anybody. (Singer) Ryan Cabrera and I were dating, but we broke up. Right now I’m 19, I’m single and I’m truly enjoying it.”

Ashlee Simpson: I’m No Hilary Duff!

Us Weekly caught up with Ashlee Simpson and asked the singer what her debut album ‘Autobiography’ will sound like compared to other teens. “I don’t sound like Hilary Duff,” Ashlee insisted. “I don’t mean that in a mean way. But I’m not trying to be a pop star or a rock star. I used to think I couldn’t sing, but I have this raspy rock voice.”

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