Ashlee Simpson ‘I Am Me’ Signing In Hollywood

Ashlee Simpson signed copies of her sophomore CD ‘I Am Me’ at the new Virgin Megastore at the Hollywood Highland Complex in Hollywood, California on Saturday (October 22). Check out pictures from FilmMagic, RexFeatures and GettyImages.

Ashlee Simpson Excited ‘I Am Me’ Topped Album Charts

Geffen Records issued a press release Wednesday in celebration of Ashlee Simpson nabbing her second #1 debut with her sophomore effort ‘I Am Me’. “I am really excited to have my album debut at #1,” the singer said. “It makes all the hard work worthwhile. I especially want to thank all my fans and I am so grateful for their continued support.”

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4 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson ‘I Am Me’ Signing In Hollywood

  1. hooker says:

    i heard her current cd is number one. I’m not much into her, but, wow, congrats eh.

  2. Meggz75 says:

    I was looking back and read some comments stating that most of her fans are tweenies…I can only guess exactly what that means but I want to inform the uninformed that I am almost 30 years old and I love her. And who cares what ages her fans are. Since when is music all about how old someone is? It is my opinion (and I don’t care if you share it or not), Ashlee is a wonderful artist and I am proud to be her fan. Sure she has had some ups and downs, but guess what people, that is what life is all about. Maybe when some of you judgmental lil snots enter the ‘real world’, you will see that people do make mistakes and sh!t happens. And all you can do is pick yourself up and keep on moving. Ashlee did that. She fell on her a$$ and picked herself right back up and she keeps on going.

  3. RPL10991 says:

    30???? Wow, that is disgusting. Untalented big nosed skank ho.

  4. jeepgrrl says:

    If you truly are her fan, and not on her payroll…’, ‘…then my comments about the general age group of her fans were not intended to insult you. Her music is simply not good. She does not have the true voice or charisma to deserve the “success” she has, and that is the issue people have with her. It is outrageous to see someone handed stardom on a silver platter based on the connections they have and a stupid reality show on MTV. Especially when there are truly talented people out there struggling that will never be given those same chances. So, it’s not that she screwed up “one” time (and by the way, she made a point of saying she would never, ever lip-synch before SNL happened, and I don’t give a damn if she had acid reflux that day. She should have canceled.) And the fraud hasn’t stopped there. First, she tries to sell herself as an edgy rock chick. Now, she’s selling herself as a tabloid celebrity. If she would just be herself, own up that she made some bad decisions, and really try to earn her stardom through good music and not ripping off the sounds of other artists (not that Gwen Stefani is an example of talent, either), people would be more receptive to her.

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