Ashlee Simpson: Liar, Liar Pants On Fire?

Contributed anonymously:

After watching the last episode of The Show I have no doubts that they re-shot for the previous one. Excuses, excuses. In the last episode she is talking with her mom about what to say about the SNL episode. And she said she completely lost her voice and couldn’t even speak. What a LIAR! She spoke fine during SNL and when apologized for it at the end of SNL her voice sounded just fine to me, not even a little raspy. And she knows how to sound “raspy”. If you watch her Sessions @ AOL listen to her intro “Welcome to Sessions at AOL” she is making her voice sound extra raspy. Who can forget last season when she couldn’t do Pieces of Me and she said she lost her voice when her voice teacher came in she was like ‘Hi” sounded ok but then went to her raspy I’m losing my voice thing. SNL got so big because all the excuses they gave to cover it up, if they would of tell the truth from the beginning people wouldn’t be talking about it still. I think she is a so-so singer but she has way too many “accidents” when singing live. Maybe she should stick to acting.

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