Ashlee Simpson Marie Claire Cover Story

Ashlee Simpson’s Marie Claire cover story, where the singer says, “Everyone is made differently. That’s what makes us beautiful and unique,” is out now.

Kevin Frazier On Hanging With Ashlee Simpson

‘Entertainment Tonight’ correspondent Kevin Frazier blogged about hanging out with Ashlee Simpson ahead of her tour. “I have followed Ashlee for awhile and was the first journalist to speak with her after she performed at the Radio Music Awards, just days following the ‘Saturday Night Live’ mishap,” he writes. “The funny thing about that interview was that I had a stumble. I fumbled over my words as she was walking up, and that became a funny little portion of Ashlee’s reality show on MTV. So the first thing I did when I saw her recently was remind her that I got clowned on national TV by her show. It was funny, and cute.”

Ashlee Simpson Chats With KIIS FM

Ashlee Simpson was on the phone with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Monday (June 5) to promote her new tour. Ashlee was in bed and talked about re-releasing ‘I Am Me’, loving her boobs, being attracted to musicians, whether there is awkwardness touring with The Veronicas since Lisa Origliasso is dating her ex-boyfriend Ryan Cabrera, a rumor she’s engaged to Braxton Olita, and she continued to be coy about having a nose job. The interview at has since been removed.

Ashlee Simpson Talks With MIX 94.1’s Mark And Mercedes

Ashlee Simpson was on the phone with Mark and Mercedes in the Morning on MIX 94.1 FM in Las Vegas on Wednesday (May 24). Ashlee discussed filming her new music video, turning 21 and celebrating in Vegas, and as for her nose job – Ashlee said, “And this is how I respond, ha ha”, getting prepared for her tour, gave props for her fan site, the McDonald’s incident, and her negative feelings about the paparazzi. has since removed the audio.

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