Ashlee Simpson Moving In With Braxton Olita

Sources tell The New York Daily News that is selling her Encino home to move in with boyfriend/guitarist Braxton Olita. Simpson has also been sleeping in Ashlee’s own private coach rather than the band’s tour bus. The paper adds that Ashlee’s sold-out concert at the Borgata tonight will include an on-stage duet with big sis Jessica.

Ashlee Simpson Looks Forward To Making New Album

Danbury News Times caught up with Ashlee Simpson, who praised her fans for sticking by her after the ‘Saturday Night Live’ fiasco. “They were a huge part of helping me get back and get ready to be 10 times stronger,” Simpson said. “You know, honestly, I’m really looking forward to making a new record and really just taking my time on it and not choosing exactly what direction it’s gonna go in and just kind of going with it. Hopefully, I have movies in my career because, like we were talking about ‘7th Heaven’ earlier, I definitely miss acting. So hopefully I’ll get back into that. I’ve always wanted to do a lot of indie (films), so we’ll see.”

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