Ashlee Simpson Mum About Virgin Question reports that while admires her sister Jessica Simpson’s morals, she has no intention of sharing her sexual status with fans as Jessica did proudly proclaiming she was a virgin until marrying 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey. “It’s amazing that Jessica let everybody know she was a virgin, and it changed a lot of people’s lives,” Ashlee said. “But I decided that I didn’t want to talk about that because it’s super personal. If one day I do (have sex), or if I already have, I would never tell the world.”

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6 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson Mum About Virgin Question

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    It was really stupid that Jessica had to tell people on ET, “Only Two More Months Until I’m No Longer A Virgin”, we didn’t need to know that, so Ashlee gains just a tiny bit of respect for not saying anything. but in my opinion, she’s not a virgin.

  2. FashionPrincess says:

    There is nothing wrong with being young and having premarital sex!’, ‘It is not a crime and I think a positive role model talks about being safe rather you are a virgin or not and does not just say oh THIS is wrong and THIS is right.That is one thing I think Christina Aguilera has over Jessica Simpson,she is not afraid to talk about sex and step out of a little virgin bubble.

  3. KatyRoseWarrior says:

    She’s got a reality show and now she’s worried about her privacy? My interpretation of her comments is that she’s been banged numerous times.

  4. liya492 says:

    come on the point of not saying would be ???????’, ‘i think she is not a virgin.i rather think its was her father idea. why would a father wants both its daughter on TV once a week???? I don’t even get how come that guy is a minister.

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    She thinks she’s cool because it’s her first year of Spanish in middle school, but’, ‘what she doesn’t realize is that it is really bad. Her Spanish teacher must be ashamed.

  6. AntiBubbleGumMachine says:

    I’m not a Ashlee fan by the all means, but I would like to say to her: BRAVO!! I’m so glad that she won’t take the low road that her big Stupid sister Jessica did. All that Jessica does is talked about virginity and abstinence and her marriage to Nick 24/7. We’re sick of it! I’m sure that Ashlee is sick of hearing about as well. Whatever you do in your life especially marriage, you want to keep it to yourself because it’s very scared. Hopefully, when Ashlee found the love of her life and gets married, Jessica would take some lessons of what not to do in a relationship.

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